As a Puyallup City Council member, I commit to:

  • Providing the best public service to every man, woman, or child who resides and does business in our great City of Puyallup, a place we love to call home, go to work, enjoy safe parks, and shop.
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility in city government while generating a vibrant economic climate, and empowering our citizens to provide a robust living for their families and retirement future.
  • Respecting everyone, no matter personal, professional, economic, religious, ethnic, or political background. My endorsements clearly reflect that I am committed to making sure our city council operates in a non-partisan manner.

"As a public servant, I commit to respect all people, to serve with humility, to operate with personal integrity and professional transparency, to acknowledge mistakes when made, to stand for what is right, to listen with the goal of understanding, to encourage others, to live a life of personal discipline and professional focus with daily acknowledgement of that which is greater than myself, and to provide the best public service to our citizens."

Sincerely, Dean A. Johnson


It was great talking with Karissa Thompson about current news in Puyallup! I appreciate your perspective, and thank you for the work you're doing in Puyallup. I look forward to working more with you as I get re-elected this November!
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Huge thank you to Thomas Beckworth, owner of Beckworth Financial in Downtown Puyallup, for his endorsement of my re-election campaign!

Small business owners help create the community that make Puyallup a great city to live, work, and raise a family.

If anyone would like a sign to put in their window like Thomas, please message me on Facebook.

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The Kiwanis Kids Spray Park in Puyallup is now open! 10 am to 8 pm, every day through Labor Day.

I'm now on the campaign trail, and hope to run into you around town ☀️

You can always send me a message directly via Facebook, let's talk soon. #vibrantpuyallup #mypuyallupThe Kiwanis Kids Spray Park in Puyallup is now open! 10 am to 8 pm, every day through Labor Day.

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Councilman Dean Johnson recently visited the Puyallup Fish Hatchery to see the amazing progress on the hatchery's major top to bottom renovations. Patty Carter with the Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation gave Councilman Johnson a very detailed 2.5 hour tour and as a result he came away with a deeper appreciation of the "major gem" that this landmark truly is within our city. Dean is a big supporter of the hatchery renovations because he knows that it will help preserve the environmental health and conservation of our Puyallup waterways. Follow along on their Facebook page to see the progress on renovations! ...

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Oath of Office

On December 31st, I had the privilege of taking the Oath of Office as administered by City Clerk, Mary Winter, to serve as the Puyallup City Council at-large member for a four year term of Read more…

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