Commitment as a Public Servant

As a Puyallup City Council member, I commit to:

  • Providing the best public service to every man, woman, or child who resides and does business in our great City of Puyallup, a place we love to call home, go to work, enjoy safe parks, and shop.
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility in city government while generating a vibrant economic climate, and empowering our citizens to provide a robust living for their families and retirement future.
  • Respecting everyone, no matter personal, professional, economic, religious, ethnic, or political background. My endorsements clearly reflect that I am committed to making sure our city council operates in a non-partisan manner.

“As a public servant, I commit to respect all people, to serve with humility, to operate with personal integrity and professional transparency, to acknowledge mistakes when made, to stand for what is right, to listen with the goal of understanding, to encourage others, to live a life of personal discipline and professional focus with daily acknowledgement of that which is greater than myself, and to provide the best public service to our citizens.”

Sincerely, Dean A. Johnson