10998393_471040473056892_3230760478836586290_nThe best part of campaigning is walking Puyallup neighborhoods and talking to voters. Not only are voters well-informed and passionate about their neighborhoods and keeping Puyallup a vibrant, livable community, but it’s great exercise and I feel wonderful every evening when I return home. Check out some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I receive at the doors, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks! – Dean


Why are you running for city council? This one is easy!

  • A desire to serve.
  • A love for the people of Puyallup and the city they call home.
  • A passion to see our city become a better place to live, work and visit.


Are you a Republican or Democrat? This one is hard for some people to accept, but I am committed to be truly non-partisan in this non-partisan position. As evidence of that, my endorsements include the 25th Legislative District Puyallup Democratic Party, and well as Giovanni Vendetti, Chair of the 25th Legislative District Rebuplican Party, and Caleb Heimlich, Executive Director of the Washington State Republican Party, although the latter political organizations did not endorse. Click here for my growing list of bi-partisan endorsements and I would be honored if you email me with an endorsement quote of your own!


What are the main issues people are concerned about? This has been an interesting one!

  • That the city council needs to become more civil to members, staff and citizens.
  • Concern for public safety and how the increased homeless population is affecting life downtown.
  • Being careful to keep taxes low while making sure we have good utilities, safe roads and sidewalks.
  • Not wanting warehouses on farmland, but instead, mixed-use business and job development, attractive housing, and parks to serve the northeast area of the city – the only place there isn’t much of one yet.


What’s most important to you on a personal level? This one is also easy! My wife and I have been married for 32 years and have had the privilege of raising our three children within this wonderful city. We attend Bethany Baptist Church in Puyallup and consider it an honor to function as a contributing member of our community. I have a love for the people of Puyallup and the city they call home, and I have a passion to see our city become a better place to live, work and visit. I am most proud of my wife Deborah for homeschooling our children through high school, and that they have all since graduated from college:

  • My daughter Breann is a kindergarden teacher at Woodland Elementary School.
  • My oldest son Dean recently graduated with his degree in Political Science.
  • My youngest son Joshua recently graduated with his degree in Business Management.
  • Deborah works as Administrative Assistant at Rogers High School.


How would you work to relieve speeding in neighborhoods, plus traffic congestion in the downtown core and South Hill? This issue is best served by the following:

  • On Speeding:  Major concerns include before and after classes around Puyallup High School, during commuting hours through connecting streets like 9th Ave SW, 15th Ave NW, 7th Ave NE and so many streets on the hill. We need more funding for appropriately-placed speed bumps, traffic circles, and dedicated patrols that can also double as prevention against theft in neighborhoods and businesses.
  • On Congestion: Puyallup has been growing fast in the last couple of years, but collaborating and info-gathering from other cities with proven and measurable data that clearly reflect improved models of traffic flow and transportation successes will get us ahead of the curve. We need to better empower our own professional city staff and relevant departments to bring forth progressive options to improve traffic flow unique to our city.