Dean greeting new homeowners John & Traci while doorbelling.

Thank you! I am grateful for the growing list of personal and professional endorsements which demonstrate my strong non-partisan approach to the Puyallup City Council. Please click on links to read endorsement quotes.

The News Tribune … “Johnson, a former pastor who works for Nordstrom, has done low-profile volunteer service for the community and church organizations. He’s not a showboat (and) the council could use more of his kind of humility.”


Mike Lonergan, Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer … “Dean is someone you can count on to keep his word and follow through on his commitments. If you want a reliable and capable council member to represent you, Dean Johnson is the right choice….”
Caleb Heimlich, Executive Director, WA State Republican Party*
Giovanni Vendetti, Former 25th LD Republicans Chair*
Gary & Kathy Turner, Former Mayor, City of Puyallup
Mike Deal, Former Mayor, City of Puyallup


Jerry Korum, President, Korum Automotive Group / Washington State Fair Board of Directors … “One way to measure Dean’s leadership qualities is to look at his family and you will see success, passion, and the sign of true leader who makes wise choices!” and for more endorsement quotes, please click on the following links –
Rev. Tim Shineflew, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Janet & Terry Wise, Terry Wise & Associates Real Estate
Bob & Deanna May, Robert L. May & Associates
Les & Dianne Uhrich, Professor, Pierce College
Ron DeBock, USMC Vietnam Veteran & Navy Chaplain
Mark & Meridee Heimlich, Pulte Homes / Step by Step
Michael & Joan Lewis, Boeing / Puyallup School District


Yvonne Gaetz, Downtown
Bill & Lisa Gagnon, Downtown
Joe Flansburg, SW Valley Puyallup
Chris Taylor, SW Hillside Puyallup
Dick & Marlene Uhrich, Valley Ave / River Walk
Scott Vollmer, Sparks/Fairgrounds Neighborhood
Jeff & Nicole Martineau, Former Puyallup City Council Member, District 1
Glen & Debbie Zevenbergen, Decoursey Park / Clark’s Creek Neighborhood

Please note that the endorsements with asterisks are given independently and hence are not meant to imply endorsement from the Washington State Republican Party or 25th LD Republicans as organizations.