Mike Lonergan, Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer –
 “Dean is someone you can count on to keep his word and follow through on his commitments. If you want a reliable and capable council member to represent you, Dean Johnson is the right choice.”

Caleb Heimlich, Executive Director, Washington State Republican Party – “Dean puts the community first. He cares deeply about improving the quality of life for all in Puyallup. He is willing to work with anyone, a quality we need on our city council.”

Former Mayer Kathy & Gary Turner, Retired Firefighter – “Because Dean has two generations of firefighter and police in his background he certainly understands the importance of public safety within our city.”

Mike Deal, Former Mayor, City of Puyallup – “Dean has my support whole heartedly.”


Jerry Korum, President, Korum Automotive Group / Washington State Fair Board of Directors – “One way to measure Dean’s leadership qualities is to look at his family and you will see success, passion, and the sign of true leader who makes wise choices!”

Rev. Tim Shineflew, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – “Dean is not content with the status quo but has a conviction that things can be better.”

Bob & Deanna May, Robert L. May & Associates – “You can trust Dean he is honest and thoughtful.”

Ron DeBock, USMC Vietnam Veteran & Navy Chaplain“Dean has a superb resume for the position of Puyallup City Council and he will certainly do well on upon election.”

Janet & Terry Wise, Terry Wise & Associates – “I have been a local business man in Pierce County for over 30 years. I have had the opportunity to work with Dean Johnson on many projects, over many years. I have gained much respect for Johnson. In all of his dealings, whether personal or professional, he has conducted himself with the utmost level of professionalism, integrity and humility. Johnson has been blessed with the gift of discernment, has the capacity to listen well and is able to articulate and communicate clearly with a wide variety of people. Dean Johnson would make an excellent councilman . He has a servants heart and would be a great public servant. I urge you to vote for Dean Johnson councilman at large for the City of Puyallup.”

Joe Flansburg, Southwest Valley Puyallup – “When I think about Dean Johnson, I think about loyalty, commitment and honesty.”

Paid for by: Committee To Elect Dean Johnson